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Merz Apothecary

In 1875, Chicago pharmacist Peter Merz opened a small drugstore on the city’s North Side. Being of Swiss descent, Merz decided to call the store an “Apothecary” in the European tradition. Even from the beginning, Merz Apothecary set itself apart.

Homeopathy Overnight

Homeopathy Overnight is a family owned business and we take pride in serving our customers efficiently.  We strive to fulfill all of your homeopathic needs.  So if there is something that you are in need of and you can not find it on our site please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We will do our best to find what you are looking for!

Washington Homeopathic Products

Washington Homeopathic Products got its start in 1873 as a homeopathic pharmacy in Washington, DC where it served the local communities, including the National Homeopathic Hospital. In the last 27 years, Washington Homeopathic Products has grown from a storefront pharmacy to one that is now serving more than 65,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Our clients include practitioners, MDs, DOs, NDs, midwives, veterinarians, pharmacies, retail stores, distributors, and the general public. All of this was accomplished under the leadership of Joe and Linda Lillard and resulted from their dedication to provide safe, effective and affordable medicines.

Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association

The Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) is a professional homeopathic organization in Illinois, whose active membership consists of licensed medical doctors (MDs), osteopathic doctors (DOs), chiropractic doctors (DCs), dentists (DDSs), naturopaths (NDs), veterinarians (DVMs), physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs).

American Institute of Homeopathy

Our mission is to promote the science and art of homeopathic medicine, to safeguard the interests of the homeopathic medical profession, to improve the standards of homeopathic medical education, to educate the medical and scientific communities about the scientific basis for homeopathic medicine, and to increase public knowledge and acceptance of homeopathy as a medical specialty.

Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians

Our mission is to promote excellence in the practice of homeopathy among naturopathic physicians. We establish and uphold specialist standards, provide education and mentorship, and are committed to protect and preserve homeopathy as a core therapeutic modality within the naturopathic profession.

National Center for Homeopathy

The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) provides education and builds awareness while advocating for access to homeopathy as a safe, effective and affordable system of medicine.

Whole Foods

We seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we’re all about. Oh yeah, we’re a mission-driven company too.

Fruitful Yield

We have been family-owned since 1962 and empowering people to lead healthier lives ever since! Our founder, Elwood Richard, exemplified the “golden rule” – treating others as you would want to be treated.

Walsh Natural Health

At Walsh, we believe in helping people live healthier lives. Our shop is a unique, local health food store that has served Evanston, Wilmette, Skokie, Rogers Park and the North Shore Communities for over 20 years. The advantages and benefits of natural products extend to a wide variety of health concerns—overall wellness, stress, sleep issues, immune illness, bone and joint issues, and more. Our owner, Lynn Bednar, first came to the store as a customer after having some health issues of her own. She was dissatisfied with the solutions that Western medicine had to offer and fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of natural medicine. She purchased the store from its original owner in 2005.